As part of my summer reading list, I’ve just finished “The Promises of Giants” by John Amaechi. A kind and human-centric vision about how we can begin to fill the leadership void that we seemingly have in the world. I can highly recommend this book, and it is an especially essential read for those in education; not just school leaders, but for anyone who leads young people too. An often overlooked and vital area of leadership.

John’s short Twitter video muses delve further into this idea; one, in particular, addresses the concept of success. Again, his #fillmycup, morning monologues feed the soul of those wanting to lead others in a gentler yet productive manner.

At Auseras we don’t compare successes, one student to another. Success is relative. Success is highly individual. What one person considers success, might be an inconceivable dream to another. One students Everest might be another’s base-camp. In the wake of this weeks exam results, we pride ourselves on the fact that we teach individual people, and the only person we compare them to is their yesterday-selves.

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“The child is the starting point, the centre, and the end. His development, his growth, is the ideal. It alone furnishes the standard.”

John Dewey

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