As well as a time for physical rest and recuperation, the school summer break is also a time for reflection; what’s gone well this year? What hasn’t? How can we improve what we do? And why are we doing X or Y or Z?

At Auseras, reflection time for our students is vital. There has to be time for skills, knowledge and understanding to be ruminated upon, made sense of, and placed into the context of the bigger picture. Our role is to enable this to happen when our students need it.

Reflection is important. Having the time to do it is essential.

Rest well,


“You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

There’s still time to pledge to our fundraiser to help equip our students with tech which will allow them to show the best of themselves. If you can help in any small way, we would very much appreciate it. Thank you to everyone who has already given so generously.

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