During a recent outdoor family gathering, my nephew enquired how Auseras was going. As a broad, proud smile spread across my face, I directed him towards a flowering plant that was weaving and meandering its way up a trellis. I asked him about the purpose of the trellis; “guidance, support and structure”, he summarised.

He knew what I was getting at.

Learning is organic. Whether knowledge, skills or understanding, it cannot be forced if it is to truly benefit the student.

At Auseras we pride ourselves in putting into place the conditions in which leading can best occur, and then guide, support and help to structure the learning process for the students. We follow their lead and serve their needs.

Stay well,


“It’s not about making learning happen…it’s about letting it happen.”

Sugata Mitra

As we head toward the new academic year, we’re wanting to put an essential device into the hands of each our students. If you can help in any way, we’d be so grateful. To those of you who have already donated, thank you.

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