Since it’s very inception, we always knew that Auseras would be sailing into uncharted territory. We knew it would take time. And we knew it needed a long-term, infinite game-minded approach. So we broke our timeline down into three stages: Compass, Map and Cartography.

We’re currently in what we call ‘Compass’ phase; ensuring that our direction of travel is straight and true, aligned to our values and morally sound. We know that if we get these things right, stick to them and use them as a foundation on which to build, the rest will follow.

Next comes ‘Map’ phase. This is where our pilot project comes in; establishing a proof of concept. What works? How could it be done better? What doesn’t work? How might it work? ‘Map’ phase is where we begin to structure how Auseras runs and operates for the good of the students and their world. In this phase we get to test things out. The systems. The back end. The day to day, if you will.

It’s worth noting that ‘Map’ phase is likely to be a strangled route of dead ends and head scratching which will, inevitably, take longer than we imagine.

Finally, we’ll head into ‘Cartography’ phase; the practice of drawing maps. Here we aim to join up the dots, looking backwards. What’s worked and why. And create a map that others can use to replicate Auseras in their own community. That’s not to say that we want to roll-out identical clones of Auseras. We’ve always said that Auseras serves the needs of the community and stakeholders; the students. But what we will have is a tested system that is adaptable and mouldable to the requirements of those it serves.

This will take time.

And patience.

And an infinite game approach.

But we’re on it and we still have plenty of energy and vision to keep putting one foot in front of the other, day after day. And as long as we do this, we progress.

Stay well,


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

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