Etymology – latin: ‘to dare to do

Auseras is an educational learning community that functions as a modern alternative to traditional secondary school.



Auseras will empower students to organically pursue their own curiosity, in depth and breadth, through collaboration and multi-subject, interdisciplinary learning.


Auseras will enable students to develop their own fluid and dynamic curriculum, encouraging each student to communicate their learning in ways that support self-expression and celebrate individuality and creativity.


Auseras will actively engage students in assessment that is constructive and kind, celebrating successes and recognising failure and criticism as essential parts of learning and self improvement.


Auseras will develop the whole student, tailoring the pastoral support to their social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, in order to develop emotionally intelligent, compassionate and caring people.


Auseras will be run democratically, placing the whole learning community at the centre of decisions, supporting everyone in becoming architects of their own futures.


Go together. Go far.

Auseras challenges conventional thinking by facilitating self-directed learning, encouraging individual creativity and nurturing the development of the whole person. Auseras redefines education.

Auseras is being developed by a group of experienced educators, parents, businesses and invested individuals, to create a system to enable students to thrive in the ever-changing world.



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