Auseras is an 11-18 educational learning community that functions as a modern alternative to traditional secondary school. Auseras exists to help people grow so that they can achieve happiness, find their purpose, and have a positive impact in the world.

AUSERAS [or-SER-as] – noun

Etymology – latin: ‘to dare to do


Auseras creates the conditions in which people can learn organically, through question-led, multi-subject, interdisciplinary collaboration.



Auseras supports everyone to develop their own fluid and dynamic pathway, enabling them to pursue their interests and curiosity, in depth and in breadth.



Auseras empowers people to communicate their understanding in ways that support self-expression and celebrate individuality and creativity.



Auseras actively engages people in assessment that is constructive and kind, celebrating successes and recognising failure and criticism as essential parts of learning and self improvement.



Auseras develops the whole person, tailoring support to their social, emotional, physical and mental well-being, in order to establish happy, emotionally-intelligent and compassionate people.



Auseras is a democracy, placing the whole learning community at the centre of decisions, supporting everyone in becoming designers of their own future.


Auseras challenges conventional thinking by facilitating self-directed learning, encouraging individual creativity and nurturing the development of the whole person. Auseras redefines education.

Auseras has been developed by a group of experienced educators, parents, businesses and invested individuals, in order to create a system that enables students to succeed and be happy in an ever-changing world.


  • Life moves pretty fast.

    As we reach the end of another term at Auseras, it’s a great chance for us to look back at all we’ve done. Once again, it’s been a seat-of-the-pants, rollercoaster of a ride, so it’s a relief to be able to step back, pause and look around. And we hope you have chance to do...
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  • Just make a mark

    Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of a number of art shows at a gallery located very close to Auseras. We’ve seen all manner of sculptures, paintings, photographs, and mixed-media, all of which has stimulated some excellent conversations amongst our students. Most of the questions were around the topic of ‘how did each artist create their...
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  • Ship it

    Stolen straight out of the Google play-book, today was a FedEx Day at Auseras. Our students were set the challenge of creating a family board game; the only stipulation, like all good courier services, they had to deliver on time. We broke the challenge down; researched different types of board games, prototyped, they then realised...
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  • Our Community Pledge

    This week, our students spent time developing their Community Pledge; – guidance that all members of the Auseras community must abide by for the good of everybody else. Students, teachers and visitors alike. Our students began by independently writing their own ideas, then combined these with everybody else’s. Obviously there was some overlap, but they...
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  • Thermometers and thermostats

    As the seasonal temperature drops, my eldest daughter was asking me about heating our home and how we kept a comfortable environment without constantly looking at a thermometer. I explained… Thermometers respond to their surrounding; when the temperature changes, the thermometer reacts accordingly. Thermostats, on the other hand, set the temperature. They establish the conditions...
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  • The art of creativity

    This week our students have been getting to grips with what it means to be creative. Alongside some seriously good stop-motion movies that they independently scripted, directed and filmed, we’ve been investigating the true meaning of creativity. “I want to invent a pill to cure baldness.” “I should design a new type of helicopter.” “I...
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